Under the New Regulation, MOTI Became the First Batch Among Top E-cig Brands to Obtain a Production License
BY Mozart Liu @ August 25, 2022

According to the official website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, five more e-cigarette brands have recently obtained the tobacco monopoly production enterprise license, that is, the e-cigarette production license.

According to the official website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, MOTI has obtained the e-cigarette brand license, and the scope of the license is (the product brand that is sold in combination with cartridges and vaping accessories, including domestic sales and exports), becoming the first brand party to obtain an electronic cigarette production license among the top brands.

MOTI, one of the earliest vape enterprises that have a full deployment in the whole industry value chain, is affiliated with Shenzhen Flame Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates the design, research and development, production, marketing, import, and export, and service of electronic cigarette products. It has always maintained the leading position in the industry in the domestic market.

Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine and other chemical components like ordinary cigarettes, protecting minors from tobacco harm is the industry's bottom line that e-cigarette companies should adhere to. As early as the end of 2018, when the MOTI brand was founded, MOTI launched the "Juvenile Shield Project" to protect the healthy growth of minors with practical actions.

Since the launch of the "Juvenile Shield Program", MOTI has been widely promoted among partners and played a leading role. In terms of product production, MOTI prints signs warning that minors are prohibited from purchasing on the outer packaging of all series of products; in terms of terminal retailing, it takes effective age checks for customers who come to the store and posts "Prohibition of unauthorized purchases" in prominent positions in the store. At the same time, MOTI also signed a cooperation agreement with its partners, strictly requiring partners to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and called on offline terminal channels to actively avoid targeting minors. The channel has received positive responses and cooperation from partners.

In response to the latest requirements of the "National Standards for Electronic Cigarettes", the design of atomizers should not be inducing to minors, and should not make the flavors of the product present other flavors than tobacco as well as refillable ejuice vape products. MOTI also stopped the production of flavor products other than tobacco for the first time, embraced national supervision, and adjusted the development direction in time.

For a long time, MOTI has strictly demanded high standards, adhered to the long-term development concept, and contributed to the construction of a good development ecology of the electronic cigarette industry. In the future, it is believed that MOTI will play an exemplary role as a leading brand. Promoting the "Juvenile Shield Program"t will continue to create a good reputation for the entire industry while protecting the healthy growth of minors.

After the introduction of the new regulatory policy for electronic cigarettes, MOTI has taken a series of actions to actively cooperate, not only adjusting the products but also further strengthening the research and development of new products and standardized management, which is not only good for the reputation of the industry and consumers. Maintenance is the long-term maintenance of brand value. It is believed that in the future, more and more partners will cooperate with MOTI to jointly contribute to the development of China's atomization industry.

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