MOTI’s Magnificent Designs Earned the Prestigious Muse Award.
BY Alisa Yin @ August 26, 2022

4 Products of MOTI Clenched the Muse Award Indicating the Versatility in its Designs.

Las Vegas, USA, May, 2020 – MOTI products add another feather of Muse Award to its cap by clenching 4 awards. This proves that the design team of MOTI consists of active practitioners capable of adapting new tones and innovation in the industrial designs. The shared sense of purpose, focused nature and creating value are the qualities that led the team members to put their hands on the Muse Award for Moon Gate, MOTI S2, MOTI Go and MOTI Rhyton.

MOTI Chair offers a perfect design by integrating aesthetics and structure that use circles to connect the support points. The design, inspired by moon gate in ancient Chinese Gardens, allows you to sit in the chair where you can keep your mind flow unobstructed. The chair deliberately adopts a two color treatment design that will attract people’s attention for grabbing comfort and solace.

MOTI S2, a smart pod system, provides perfect volatilization of juice flavor and perfect throat hit. MOTI S2 is a perfect companion and trusted partner if you intend to quit smoking. The ultrasonic welding and the sealed oil cartridge stop the leakage of oil. The stem is applied with zinc alloy and treated by special surface painting process bringing different tactile experiences to users.

MOTI Go, a new generation pod system product, offers fully atomized drops of e-liquids to make every hit sufficient and stabilize the whole using experience. The product adopts “meta tech” heating technology which is the most advanced in the world today. The research and development team conducted many proofing and verification to design the structure that meets the requirements of the product.

The MOTI Rhyton derives its inspiration from the inlet manifold of the Formula One Racing car symbolizing the sporty sense of the sports car. With fully atomized e-liquid, the product provides a perfect throat hit. The all-in-one body combined with positive and negative surfaces create a soft but speedy light and shadow.

MOTI Gate and MOTI Rhyton focus on the aesthetic concept and practical significance of design. The distance of the invisible pedals in MOTI Gate is based on a precise measurement after the person sits on the chair and the distance guides the people to put their feet on the pedals. MOTI Chair increases the strength of the chair while reducing the weight and size allowing the people to sit comfortably and innovatively. The air flow sensors in the MOTI Rhyton empower the users to just draw and enjoy. The pod and holder are designed to be separated to ensure an easy refilling of the pod and an independent charge of the holder. These innovative and unique features of the MOTI products conquered the Muse Award Ceremony and proved that MOTI products are leading in the industrial designs.

Last but not the least, MOTI has several products in the selection process and one of them is competing for the prestigious Red Dot Award this year. Hopes are high as MOTI believes in “To What Heights Can I not fly”. MOTI is the most powerful, unique and innovative in the world of industrial design.

About Us: Established in 2013 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Moti is considered the “Grandfather” of pod systems in the Chinese market. Moti positions itself as a pivotal and revolutionary brand, leading the industry by setting the tone with the latest technology and groundbreaking creativity.

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Author: MOTI Official

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