MOTI To Be Active In Another Fierce Competition in Southeast Asia
BY Mozart Liu @ August 25, 2022

MOTI is planning to launch new products in Indonesia at the beginning of July, aiming to get more market share in the South East Asia market, a reliable source from the MOTI team states.

In 2022, the Indonesian will become one of the most important markets for vape brands.

After making a launch in Malaysia, MOTI will soon be showing up again in another important SEA market, it is Indonesia. As the number of vapers in this new market is increasing, many vape brands are paying more and more attention to it. As one of the largest, most competitive markets for e-cigarettes in Southeast Asia, the Indonesian market is also the brand highland of e-cigarette products. To launch new products in this market will surely be a wise decision.

We will see this time MOTI will soon be launching a new disposable series, the MOTI Lab, including two major hits, the MOTI Beaker 5000 and the MOTI Tube 3000. it is said that these 2 products are made based on a concept of innovation. Yes indeed, only innovation can make you go further. It is fair to say, as a leading brand in vaping industry, MOTI wants to stay with its customers and users, with leading innovation binding each other together.

The upcoming MOTI POP will be widely available across the Indonesian market in the following flavors: Vanilla Sundae, Tropical Mango, Blueberry, Juicy Grape, Sweet Berries, Rich Tobacco, Cola Fizz, Peach Ice, Fresh Mint, Crispy Apple, Green Lime, Exotic Fusion.

According to the MOTI team, this popsicle-shaped disposable vape pen has attracted vapers from all over the world, and has gained favors from many major channel dealers. “we need to plan for the next 2 months of production as for the demand from ordering.” said the MOTI business team, for the new market, we are sure to get more production plans.

According to MOTI, a newly awarded vape device model will also be launched at the event. More surprises will be onboard this coming Friday at Lucy in the sky—Fairgrounds Building, Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav 52-53 Senayan South Jakarta.

We will keep reporting on this event. Stay tuned.

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