Pod Mod Newcomer, the MOTI Play, A Transparent Side Design Just to Make User Understand It Better.
BY Mozart Liu @ August 25, 2022

MOTI will soon be releasing a new POD MOD system product. It is the MOTI Play, judging from its name, we may see that this is a good vaping gadget with enormous playability.

As we can see, the MOTI Play is a good-looking pod mod vape, and it feels good in the hand with a high-end paint finish, and users can choose from 7 different colors.

The MOTI Play measures 12 mm x 19 mm x 115 mm, and it weighs 70 g. It's about the same size as a classic Zippo lighter, and it takes those same kinds of magnetized drop-in pods that have too much wiggle room. They don't rattle or anything like that, but playing with the pod in the battery reveals tolerances that could be tighter.

Just like many other similar pod mod systems, the MOTI Play is a plug-and-play device that's operated by simply taking a puff, though it has another fire button as assistance. What you see on the front of the device is the see-through material that allows you to look inside the device, you have a better sense of control of your device with this considerate design. Luckily it's not a light screen, but above the right side is equipped with a small display to show all the important vaping information. You can read vaping information like the puffing numbers, current watts the voltages, and the watts of the coil that is undertaken when vaping.

The pod of MOTI Play is well conducted, with a pre-filled coil of 1.00 Ω, on the inside and outside (setting aside the magnetized connection). The plastic of the pod feels sturdy and thick — looking almost like glass — and the mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for the lips. They're minor details done well.

The 2mL pods are refilled by pulling off the mouthpiece and removing the silicon plug on the right side. But note: the pre-filled pods are not refillable. If you get the empty pods, just grip the transparent part of the pod and pull up on the mouthpiece. It comes off fairly easily, and it clicks back into place on the pod. Just don't forget the rubber plug.

One helpful little feature of the design is an unobstructed view of the device; directly under the chimney, facing out on both the front and back of the pod. It shows you perfectly when the mesh coil has absorbed juice!

As soon as the cotton coil looks darker and fully wet, normally after 3 minutes, you can take a puff. If you want to expedite the wicking after a fill, place a finger under the pod (covering up the airflow), and drag on the mouthpiece. You'll be able to see the mesh coil wicking. Just don't get overzealous pulling on it or it could flood. If you use high VG juice, which I did try, it will be slow to wick no matter what you do. It's best to be patient though. Give it 5-10 minutes and let it do its thing.

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