Stay Cool and Stylish with MOTI’s New Disposable Vape Pen, The MOTI POP
BY Jessie Tang @ August 25, 2022

A novel e-cigarette has recently gone viral on the Internet. MOTI recently released a new disposable e-cigarette, MOTI POP, a popsicle alike disposable vape pen which has subverted the imagination of e-cigarette enthusiasts. After the launch of this product, thousands of vapers keep asking for it on MOTI official channels. Why so many people are seeking this ordinary disposable so eagerly? If you were curious about it, follow me and find out today.

MOTI POP Disposable Vape Pen First Impression

The size of MOTI POP is 106*38*15mm, a pocket-friendly vape device, a good fit for young people to travel around every day. Its plastic shell covered with transparent materials is quite dazzling. Ergonomics mouthpiece, considerate silicon hanger, airflow sensor, shiny appearance, etc. This compact POP has everything that a disposable vape needs. The very important thing is, that its 650mAh battery is large enough to power up to 1200 puffs, ensuring this disposable vape pen can serve till the last drip.

Long-last battery, every single puff counts.

Is known in the vaping community that the batteries for disposable products vary in many grades. Different battery grades provide different service life, this is what users are concerned about. According to the MOTI POP team, its battery lasts a decent and appropriate time. Holding this tiny but powerful vaping gadget, you can love it tender and taste it longer. Every batch of MOTI POP is tested multiple times during production to ensure quality.

Well Selected Quality Pop Flavors

MOTI POP Disposable Vape pen comes with 20+ flavors to satisfy your greedy tongue, they are Fresh Mint, Exotic Fusion, Lemon Tart, Crispy Apple, Sweet Berries, Red Storm, Vanilla Sundae, Green Lime, Lychee Ice, Blueberry, Strawberry Ice Cream, Juicy Grape, Peach Ice, Lush Ice, Arabic Apple, Strawberry, Cola Fizz, Tropical Mango, Rich Tobacco. If you are looking for some refreshing, smooth, pure, and clean flavors, MOTI POP won't disappoint you, there are 3 flavors you must take a try among all flavors of MOTI POP. Don’t ever tell them when people think you're eating some kind of fruit, you're vaping with an e-cigarette.

Red Storm

Red Storm is like an energy drink, it reminds you when you get tired and just want to take a cup of coffee, this will pump up your energy and bring more refreshment after your vaping. Whether you are working or traveling, just take and go!

Strawberry Ice Cream

Eating strawberry ice cream has been a hobby since we were a child until now we see this Strawberry Ice Cream flavor. If the Strawberry was frozen beneath the earth due to terrible weather, you can’t eat it, but you can vape with this sweet and comfortable juice. MOTI POP is your new choice.

Tropical Mango

There is a mango popsicle recipe with just 3 ingredients for homemade ice cream - ripe mango, yogurt, and honey! Now there you have a popsicle vape pen, which is an absolute treat for a hot summer afternoon, a refreshing dessert after a meal, and the perfect guilt-free snack for you.

With its double injection appearance and covers with transparent silicone, now you can see, that serving up frozen treats on a hot day no longer means you have to grab a sugar-laden pint of ice cream or an artificially colored popsicle from the freezer. All you need to do is to take MOTI POP and go! This coming summer, fall in love with MOTI POP, a New Disposable Vape Pen designed to make you remind of the good times.

Words in the end

With its brand new design, MOTI POP stands out from the crowd -- its outstanding design that can always draw attention from all angles. Also, the ample liquid and powerful battery will give you a long pleasant trip. The delicious fruity taste will keep you in top shape throughout the day.

It's important to know that your vaping device meets high-quality standards, from potency to purity. At MOTI, we have independent, accredited laboratories to test our nicotine extracts. These extracts are then infused into our products and tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process.


MOTI POP Disposable Vape Pen specifications

E-liquid capacity: 5mL

Battery: 650mAh

Wattage: 8W

Product Size: 106*38*15mm

Weight: 40g

Flavor: 20+

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