Why Do Cigarette Smokers Fall for E-cigs? MOTI Has the Say!
BY Mozart Liu @ August 25, 2022

When it comes to technological innovation, we have to talk about electronic cigarettes(e-cig for short) or vaping products, everyone is familiar with electronic cigarettes. After all, it is really common in life as e-cig are becoming more and more important as an alternative therapy for getting off or reducing the harm of nicotine for regular smokers. Many shopping malls can see electronic cigarette stores or vape bars, and now many people use electronic cigarettes iding the traditional cigarette users. Electronic cigarettes are regarded as a fashion trend, hung around the neck or take a buff, and even given as a gift.

But do you know that electronic cigarettes are not only a fashion trend, they are better than traditional cigarettes in terms of taste, shape, quality, technology, etc., which is why many people choose electronic cigarettes. For example, the MOTI vape products that the editor uses currently are very easy to vape. Below, the editor will summarize the three characteristics of MOTI electronic cigarette based on his feelings:

First: A variety of flavors

Like traditional cigarettes, most electronic cigarettes have a single flavor, while MOTI electronic cigarettes have very diverse flavors. For example, MOTI POP, a new one-time product of MOTI, has many fruit flavors, such as strawberry milkshake, lychee, sea salt, and lime. , Blueberry and other flavors; MOTI BOX 6000 has the flavors of peach oolong, iced watermelon, pineapple coconut milk, orange soda, etc. It has a refreshing and mellow taste, a long aftertaste, rich and full, and there will be a faint fragrance in the mouth after vaping. With so many flavors, there is always one for you!

The enlarged tank capacity allows for more e-juice, bringing longer enjoyment for every single charge. Typically one charge can last for a week. Bring this fashion magic box during your trip, and vape them during any relaxing scenes, there is a magic cloud out from this soft-touch body and comfortable handgrip box. The real enjoyment of life. The MOTI Box comes with 10 different flavors. And SEX ON THE BEACH is a cook-tail e-juice flavor that has gained attention from lots of vapers, especially the young vapers who are always willing to try new tastes.

Second: Unique shape

The MOTI POP popsicle series has a neat appearance. It is made of food-grade silicone material + water transfer body technology. It has a delicate feel and shows the combination of street culture and modern technology, walking around the street on a summer day, you are the attractive point.

Third: Quality

According to the editor's understanding, MOTI has set up its laboratory, the 2019 Lab, using the international advanced supercritical extraction technology, extract and purify the matrix and extract, with no heavy metals, pure natural, No chemical pollution; each product provides consumers with "safe" star quality assurance in all aspects from raw materials, production, engineering, to finished products and services.

After reading the major characteristics of disposable vape products, do you want to take it a try? For more useful e-cigs and vaping products information, follow MOTI to keep you informed.

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