Start From the User and Think For the User, MOTI Keeps its Pace
BY Mozart Liu @ August 25, 2022

Not long ago, a notice on Instagram attracted the attention of many vapers.

Why did this happen?

It turned out that this was a notification sent to MOTI fans who had won prizes in the past and had not yet been issued due to the staff transfer. To make up for the fans, special gifts are specially issued to users who have not received prizes. This considerate move is also in line with the user-centered guiding concept of MOTI.

A long-lost MOTI fan received the hot seller vape from MOTI, the MOTI POP

MOTI product designs always start from the user and think for the user to help people vape in style and satisfaction.

MOTI POP Disposable Vape pen comes with 20+ flavors to satisfy users’ greedy tongues. The size of MOTI POP is 106*38*15mm, a pocket-friendly vape device, a good fit for young people to travel around every day. Its plastic shell covered with transparent materials is quite dazzling. Ergonomics mouthpiece, considerate silicon hanger, airflow sensor, shiny appearance, etc. This compact POP has everything that a disposable vape needs. The very important thing is, that its 650mAh battery is large enough to power up to 1200 puffs, ensuring this disposable vape pen can serve till the last drip.

As one of the top two e-cigarette brands in China. MOTI is a congregated group company dedicated to the vaping industry and integrates R&D, manufacture, distribution, and retail. MOTI breaks the boundary of vapes by making vape products unusual in design and creating different aesthetics. The company has earned many world-famous design awards, such as the Green Product Award and Red Dot Design Award, etc.

Customers looking for a different solution to help quit smoking can try the MOTI vape products. It helps to satisfy their different needs and allows customers to vape in technology and style. More information regarding the products can be found in the link:

About MOTI

MOTI is a congregated group company dedicated to vaping industry that integrates R&D, manufacture, distribution, and retails. MOTI products cover all aspects of vaping, from parts such as e-liquid, chips, and coils to the finish products such as disposable, pod systems, and advanced personal vape. Since 2008, the team has been leading e-cigarette trends and influenced multiple major vape evolutions. MOTI is now one of the top 2 e-cigarette brands in China. MOTI is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, professional, and cutting-edge vaping products with its persistence in science and technology.

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