MOTI Launches The Ultimate New Smart Pod System MOTI•S Lite
BY Jessie Tang @ August 26, 2022

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A pod system is a reusable e-cigarette composed of a pod and a device that helps smokers quit smoking. People only need to change the pod, which is more economic compared to disposable vapes and traditional tobacco as one pod of MOTI·S Lite equals about 4 packs of cigarettes.

MOTI is known as an e-cigarette company that makes pod systems and disposable vapes with years of experience in the industry. After MOTI experts' day-and-night research and work in the lab, MOTI finally releases another high-end pod system – MOTI·S Lite.

MOTI New Pod System MOTI·S Lite

MOTI·S Lite had a successful launch in China in 2020 when MOTI·S Lite sold 60,000 kits in the first release. MOTI also exclusively developed e-liquid flavors catered toward global customers. They are pineapple, cafe latte, mandarin, and passionfruit. The pod capacity is 1.8mL, which can deliver 600 puffs of the 2% or 5% salt nicotine choice catered to different regions. MOTI will also release more flavors every month in the future.

MOTI established a serious supply chain from research and production to marketing by establishing its own factory in 2019. The quality and selection of material suppliers are in strict control. Since MOTI·S Lite is also designed with more functions and uses the CMC milling technique to have various color palette with exquisite hand feel, the R&D department were involved with the manufacturing process in higher efficiency and higher standards to make the production of MOTI·S Lite possible.

MOTI·S Lite employs FEELM coil which is designed exclusively for the MOTI·S Lite device. The FEELM atomizer enables MOTI·S Lite to deliver extremely smooth flavors out of the fine e-liquids. Usually, the atomizer might be burnt due to various reasons, such as vaping too hard, vaping successively, or overuse. However, the high quality of the MOTI·S Lite pod and the adoption of an MCU chip enable it to support another function – turbo mode. Turbo mode will have the device turn into higher wattage and then allow users to enjoy fuller and richer flavors.

Consistent flavor is always one thing users want. However, it is sometimes hard to avoid losing flavor while using. Thanks to the FEELM atomizer and the one of a kind pod construction, MOTI·S Lite minimizes the flavor loss to provide the always-good flavor.

User experience is always the priority of MOTI. MOTI gathered over 2 million user data collected under approval for it to better learn customer behavior and preference. According to the data, MOTI generated a power curve and uses it to improve the performance of MOTI·S Lite.

With the vision of helping people find their motivation through MOTI products, MOTI is full of confidence to bring users a pleasant experience of smoke free life.

Warning: Please note that this product is not for minors who are under legal age of smoking. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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